Intralox Elevators
When deciding on an elevator system for your production area there are a number of considerations to be taken into account. The exact nature of the product to be handled, weight, transfer rate and ease of maintenance and other factors help us decide the best type of elevator for your application. Where appropriate we recommend the use of the Intralox system, which we have been using for many years.
The Intralox system of belting is an excellent choice for the conveyance of industrial and food products. Constructed of plastic modules and hinge rods, they offer high strength, corrosion resistance, better hygiene characteristics and lower friction.
All Intralox belts are constructed from modules fastened together in a "brick" fashion giving the belt inherent lateral strength.

Because of the modular construction, this type of conveyor can be built in almost any width from 3 links wide upto 5 metres or more.

The construction of Intralox belts allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

intrablue.jpg (207354 bytes)
intrawhite1.jpg (134011 bytes) The belts are driven and tracked by plastic sprockets resulting in a positive drive, and can be fitted with grippers or flights to assist the transfer of products at a more accurate rate of movement.
One of the most commonly used types of belt is the open hinge, which has 44% open area. The large open area increases air flow, drainage and is easier to clean.

Belts can be fitted with sideguards and flights where required.

Our experience in working with this system for many years enables us to advise the appropriate product for your application. We can design and construct a conveyor to meet your requirements, or design and install an entire production area if required.
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