Belt conveyors
Belt conveyors of all types are one of our main production items. Designed to suit virtually any application, the majority are constructed from stainless steel and can be fitted with a variety of belts.

The type shown here is a typical open frame conveyor, raised at one end, and with blue food grade belt. Most conveyors feature a shaft mounted geared motor and adjustable tensioning at the opposite end of the conveyor.

Open frame conveyors allow easy access to the underside for cleaning, and are lighter and therefore easier to re-position.

bluebeltconv.jpg (51106 bytes)
tensioner.jpg (26787 bytes)

Detail showing the arrangement of the end bearings with adjustable brackets to allow the tension in the belt to be maintained at the optimum setting.

Detail showing the shaft mounted geared motor.

topmotor.jpg (38318 bytes)

We are able to give advice and recommend the correct choice of belt depending on the application and environment. The front and reverse images are just some of the more commonly used belts.